SGE Milestone

  • 1991 Manufacture Shears and Press Break Machine up to 6 meter length, 500 tons Force, capable to handle material up to 16 mm. thickness
  • 1997 Fabricating and installing Oven, Spraybooth and Air Handling Unit for General Motor (Thailand).
    Design and Fabricating complete pretreatment, spray booth and paint curing line.
    Manufacture auto service spray booth product under product brand “AUTO BLOW”
  • 2000 Fabricating silicon oven for Tha Chin Co.,Ltd.
  • 2001 Hot Log Shear and Billet Oven for Aluminco Greece.
  • 2002 Fabricating Wrap Guard Booth, Cooling Zone, A.H.U.,UBS Kabin, Duct Connecting General Motor
  • 2003 Fabricating Paint Booth for General Motor (Thailand) co.,Ltd. 
    Fabricating Shear Line for CS Metal co.,Ltd
  • 2003-04 Fabricating Slitter Line for Chaisanglohaphan co.Ltd.
    Fabricating Shear Line for Sonoda Engineering co.,ltd.
  • 2004-05 Fabricating Hot Log Shear and Log Furnace for Nigalex of Nigeria
    Develop CNC Press-break and conventional Press break
  • 2006 Fabricating Hot Log Shear for Arabian Extrusion, UAE
    Develop CNC Press-brake with Robot arm to participated Metalex Thailand 2006 exhibition
  • 2006-09 Modify conveyor line (Monorail) at assembly line for Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing (Thailand) Limited.
  • 2007 Develop 2 machine of CNC Press-brake working together call “Tandem”
    Export Press-brake and Shearing Machine to Malaysia
    Develop CNC Press-brake with Part support arms
  • 2008 Fabricating Hydraulic Power Unit for Cold Mill Machine for NIKKEI SIAM ALUMINUM
    Participated Metalex Vietnam 2008 and 2009 exhibition at Vietnam
    Fabricating CNC Press-break 200 Tons for Steel work products (1994) co.,ltd.
    Fabricating CNC Press-break 400 Tons for Arnajak steel
  • 2009 Fabricating CNC Plasma-cutting for Thai metal laser co.,ltd
    Fabricating Carpet Oven for Rubber Tech co.,ltd.
    Fabricating CNC Press-break 400 Tons for KTM.
    Fabricating and installing Galvanize Hot Dip Continuous Line for Sen Dai Steel Co.,Ltd.